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- Why join the Philly Spirit synchronized skating team?

We are the Philadelphia area's longest running synchronized skating team for adults with 30+ years fielding teams for adults. We have qualified for nationals 3 times and were the 2019 eastern section masters division bronze medalists. Our team consists of people who have the common interests of: a love of skating, the desire to compete, making new friends, traveling to new places, and having fun!

- What is the time commitment?

You must be available for our weekly practices on Sundays, 6:30-9:30PM from Sept mid-June, switching to a week night, mid June-July. Extra practices might be added prior to competitions. You need to attend competitions and exhibitions (usually 2-3 "away" competitions) on weekends, but could involve a weekday or two.

-How strong of a skater do I need to be?

We have team options for all skill levels and ages.


-What division does the team skate in?

This depends on the ages and number of skaters each year. We have fielded teams in the Adult, Masters, Open Adult and Open Masters divisions in the past and will field multiple adult teams at various skill and age levels depending on the number of skaters

-How much does it cost? 

You must be a minimum of a "Team only membership" of the PSCHS, pay team dues, purchase a costume/accessories, and team gear, and are responsible for transportation/food/lodging for competitions. Contact us for specific costs.

-If I belong to another club, can I still join the team? 

Yes! We have a specific "Team Only" membership for skaters who have another club or no club affiliation. 

-I want to join, what do I do?

Contact us about coming to a practice to get approval.

-I don't meet certain requirements (skills, age, schedule), but still want to be involved, what can I do?

There are non-competitor options, contact us for details

-Are there special payment/financial plans avaialable to help with the cost?

We will help make financial arrangements, if at all possible.

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